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“My name is George and I took part in the Cappa Health Program from April 2018 thru April 2019. From a health, awareness and fitness standpoint, it was the best thing that I ever did! The lessons learned, the logging of the information and the coaching I received all have lead me to that belief. During the course of the program I lost over 30lbs. The waist on my pants have gone from a 40” to a 34-36”. My lab results for my yearly physical in December of 2017 (prior to starting the program) were: Cholesterol 192 now 163, Triglyceride 127 now 69, HDL 40 now 48, LDL 126 now 101”

– George V, May 2019

“I'm here posting that this program works not just for weight loss. I am off my medicine for cholesterol my cholesterol went 237 to 189 my HDL cholesterol is 54 and my LDL cholesterol went 162 to 119. I lost a total of 12 and 1/2 lb not great but I'm happy I really toned I went down three sizes in clothes went from a size 18 to a size 14.”

– Robin G, August 2017

“I have been the fortunate participant of the Cappa program.  I entered the program overweight, with zero exercise, physical limitations, and high blood pressure.  I’d initially hoped to lose more weight, but have come to realize that I have still been successful with this year. My goal has been not just to lose weight but to be healthier and to change some bad habits.  Over the year, I did lose some weight, added regular exercise, and reduced the amount of medication I was taking for my blood pressure. I also feel stronger and more mobile. The information I received has been helpful, but I have also been grateful for the coaching I got.  It was difficult at times to get feedback when I knew I had strayed, but I needed to hear it, and it was always done gently and honestly. Coach Bryee didn’t just call me out, but also encouraged me when I felt challenged, and congratulated me on my good choices. I felt very supported throughout the year.  I now think about what goes on my plate every time I assemble a meal, and will continue to eat the way I was taught. Because of this plan, I know I will continue being successful with my health goals.”

– Judy M, October 2017

“I would recommend CAPPA Health for anyone who is trying to make a REAL difference in their lifestyle.  CAPPA and their team of excellent coaches promote making small changes every week that add up to big and meaningful changes over time!  My coach always gently nudged me in the right direction; I never felt "judged" when I made less than perfect choices. Her positive comments every day helped to keep me focused and on track!  I have lost weight before, but this time I have sustained my weight loss for almost a year and counting. My hemoglobin A1C test for diabetes/prediabetes went from 6.2% to 5.5%, and my cholesterol profile is back in the normal range.  Thank you CAPPA!”

– Cydnee L, September 2017

“Hi Coach and Team....I finally got up the nerve to check on my blood work and see the results of the work from this journey....I have to admit I am thrilled and I encourage all to keep working towards the goal.... after my blood tests a couple of years ago, my doctor wanted me to go on cholesterol medicine....not wanting to live life through chemistry, i told her No and that i wanted to try to change on my own. Of course that didn't work and i put the weight on....hitting 230 lbs finally was all the incentive i needed....so i tried exercising on my own, dropped a few pounds, not much......then this program came along and taught me the proper changes: exercising and eating right and making and understanding lifestyle changes. Now heading into the homestretch of this program I'm happy so far....lots of work to keep doing as the weight is down under 200 but, more importantly, good changes with the blood.....I'm sharing these to encourage the rest to continue moving forward.....cholesterol went from 266 to 199, glucose went from 109 to 100....just going by the suggested levels I am pleased and excited.....This is a great opportunity we've all been given.....i hope all of us continue to follow along in what we've learned thus far.....i'm learning to enjoy life more as a result....and i hope all are doing the same......we've got a bit more work to do, so let's all keep it up and share our progress!!!!! Ashley, thank you and Cappa for the help and continued support...without you this wouldn't be doable!!!”

– Harold P, May 2018

“Please allow me a moment of your time to express how grateful I am that your team made an effort to better the health of others. Through my wellness benefits with the City of Philadelphia, Family Division of the Domestic Relations Branch I was accepted to participate in your program. Since the start, I admit, I anticipated that this program would be a passing fade. I was wrong! Not only have I remained excited about all that we are trying to accomplish as a community I have had nothing but positive results. The CAPPA Heath Team is helpful and concerned about us.”

– Cheryl Z, January 2018

“Words cannot express my gratitude to VWR for the Cappa Health Diabetes Prevention Program.”

– Vanessa C, October 2017